Creating a storytelling script

Every successful storytelling has good construction and everyone can learn how to construct a story which will captivate the audience and promote your business or organization. Making and watching videos will help you get on the way, and once you decide to try out, these tips will help you to be constructive and creative: 

Write from the audience’s perspective

Define your target group and put yourself in the shoes of the spectator. Have in mind questions that the audience may have while watching the video or if they were in the situation described in the video. Key question is: why is this video important for the viewer? Present information in a simple way, so everyone can easily understand them.  

Make an introduction that will catch viewers’ attention

Write an introduction in a grasping, engaging, intriguing manner. Make it very short, up to 8 seconds. You can start with a character, captivating images, questions, surprising facts or some interesting scientific research findings. You should present key questions that will be answered by the end of the story.

Create a character – star of your story

Choose a character that will tell a story and help the viewer to make personal connections to the topic. It can be a person from the marketing department of the company, project lead or someone from the business development sector.   

Create a storyline to explain your topic  

Make a list of facts you want to present and create a story around them. Imagine your character in a situation in which he/she will explain your message or be in a situation where he/she will discover new facts. Carefully create main content and tell it in a personal and powerful way that will connect the audience to the story. 

Use the Dramatic Arc

Once you have a character and a storyline, you are on the way to completing the dramatic arc. Dramatic arc is a method in which the why comes before the how. This includes: presenting topic, character and main problem. Parts of the show are: climax – which gives solution to the problem, main argument, additional arguments and general results that conclude the story.  

Tell more with less

Tell your story in a short and concise manner – it will make a deeper effect on a viewer and it will sound natural. Video that is 2-3 minutes long has approximately 300 words.

Use media to give context to your story

This will make the video exciting and save you from over explaining. Add images and videos in order to help the viewer to imagine your screenplay through them.


Choose music and sounds that will make your story appealing, engaging, that will captivate attention and support your story.

Make good rhythm

Keep in mind that your story must have good rhythm, with slow and quick paces harmonized.

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