Dos and don’ts when recording a video in Castvio

While social media provides the opportunity for more people to share more information on a constantly growing number of topics, video marketing is becoming a powerful tactic for sharing information and continuous storytelling. Above all, video stands out among the clutter of links and articles that are most often shared and allows you to make a high quality video on a relatively small budget. Video is certainly being used not only as a promotional tool, but for internal and external communication too. So are you ready to create polished, professional, engaging videos that impress your audience and promote your business around the world? Read on for some do’s and don’ts for a successful recording of your video, both in a studio and at home: Do’s when recording in Castvio’s studio:
  • Every time you make a video, start by defining its purpose. Ask yourself what you want to achieve or communicate by making this video. In addition, define your target audience. How will you make your video speak to these viewers in particular?
  • Just like any other marketing tactic, content is king. Once you’ve defined your video’s goals, write a script and create a storyboard. Then revise them until they’re as good as you can make them. Don’t be afraid to rearrange, rewrite, and delete sections that don’t work. Rambling videos bore viewers, so keep your videos as brief and tight as possible.
  • Don’t sound like you are reading your brochure. Make the video conversational. Practice Out Loud before the shooting – this will make you sound natural.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Watch footage of yourself and identify the areas where you think you could improve. Then make a conscious effort to work on those things.
  • Regardless of what kind of shooting you’ll be conducting, consider that you’ll likely have to repeat it several times, so comfort and ergonomics are key.
  • If a cameraman asks you to repeat something content-wise, please repeat a whole sentence. This is often essential for the editing phase.
Don’ts when recording in Castvio’s studio
  • Please don’t wear any green clothes, shoes, and accessories during shooting. A green screen serves as a background for your shooting. Avoid shiny fabrics or jewelry, wrinkled clothes, visible labels, logos or text images.
  • Similar to public speaking there is a natural tendency to sometimes speed up and speak too fast while delivering your performance. This can seem to come off as somewhat of a nervous energy. Just remember to slow down and talk clearly.
  • Maintaining a positive body language such as keeping your shoulders relaxed and your back straight, will help you come off as more credible.
  • Please pay attention to your gestures. Hand movements can be distracting or in other words do not hold a glass or a cup in your hand at all times. Effective use of gestures also allows presenters to express energy and enthusiasm, which attracts and maintains the audience’s attention.
  • Looking into the camera lens ensures that others see the ‘entire’ you, and perceive you as really paying attention. Do not look into the cameraman or anyone else in the studio. Keep in mind to look into the camera or your interlocutor if, according to the script, you are supposed to be talking to him.
Do’s when recording from home  
  • When choosing a place for shooting at home, look for a neutral background or use a digital one. If the first one does not offer plenty of choices, the second one for sure does.
  • Choose a quiet location with little background noise (street sounds, music, other people). Avoid spaces with lots of echo or use the noise-cancelling headphones.
  • Set your laptop, phone, or camera on a tripod or steady surface. Please do not hold your camera while shooting to avoid shaky footage.
  • Shoot horizontally (use landscape mode and avoid portrait mode) and make sure you keep a distance from the camera so that your shoulders can be seen as well.
  • Position camera at eye level (if you can, avoid angles where the camera lens is looking up or down on you).
  • If there are interlocutors in your video, please pay attention to their facial expressions while listening to them.
Don’ts when recording from home
  • Choose a non-distracting background (avoid windows, posters/signs that can be read etc.)
  • In case you went for a digital background, pay attention to your movements – don’t make sudden and fast movements. Keep hand movements to a minimum.
  And ultimately, keep in mind the most important DO with your video shooting – Have fun! Loosen up, have fun with it and focus on giving your audience an impression they will remember and share. We will do all the production magic and help you get the most of what you want to share with the world. Fill the form below so we can schedule a free consultation session with one of our media experts and offer you the most efficient way to do wonderful and top quality videos for you.