How the concept template looks like?

Concept template shows an idea about how your video, service, product or campaign will look like. It is overview of each single detail included in your idea, so you can see how it can be transformed into reality.

It has intro, main part and the conclusion. Concept template will also have a frame, where we should put the table of content.


Present goal of your campaign, duration and tone. Give basic info about solutions you offer, what you want to achieve or impact you want to make. If you are making a video, make a so-called hook: draw the viewer`s attention and make them want to see more. Write a short catchy title for the video which you can repeat later, as a highlight. Then, provide some background information, write some inspiring sentences that will hint necessity of the idea, product or service which you want to present, and illustrate it with stock footage or some other material, in order to introduce atmosphere in which you will present your subject. Footage or material which you choose for here can be empowering, inspiring, if you want to create a video, or simple, precise and neat, if you present an idea for website, for example.



Present the idea, service or product precisely. If you make concept template for the video, you can imagine employee who is describing newest innovation product of company for which he works for. Explain idea or product from few different perspectives and give as much information as possible, but be concise. Put screenshots of footage which will accompany the text and illustrate the topic very precisely. Repeat the title – highlight of the story.


Choose calming images to finish the story, use minimum words – give space to viewer to integrate information from the main part of the video, if you are making video. Use short catchy title from the beginning to close the ending. If you are making an end to a concept template for new website, for example, put some testimonial, overview of the website, or some impressive statistics.