How to tell which video format you need?

Getting an idea is half the job done, but making idea into reality is half the way to go. In order to make a good video, you need to know how to bring message in a right way, and make it interesting, at the same time. In this text, we will present some of the best video formats which we used and which turned to be best for specific situations.


In video podcast, we bring interesting experts, we show „stage behind the scenes“ and give insight to working atmosphere in Microsoft, communication style at the department, etc. Series of these videos are broadcasted on long-term basis, so audience can get familiar with variety of topics, experts and visions of Microsoft as a company. With increase of remote working conditions, podcasts are more and more popular because they offer feeling of connection, but also because they offer choice – people can choose what they want to listen.


Webinar is an online event where speaker or small number of speakers present certain topic to a large audience who can participate by asking questions, responding to polls and using interactive tools. The goal of this format is to present engaging and informative topic to others. Purpose of web seminar can also be to network or promote a product through polling, surveys and questions.


This creative format is primarly focused to promote company, service, product and people who create and develop it. It is usually combination of photos and videos related to topic and people presenting it, all emphasized with inspiring keywords. It is followed by music which makes adds to the rhythm and inspirational atmosphere.  


If you want to explain in detail important features of the product and give instructions how to use the product, and solve potential doubts customers can have, you should make product showcase video. This format is great way to put a light on your product, among customers and partners. In this type od video, presenter explains product and steps how to use it.


Case study video illustrates the value of service or product, through the words of real customer success story. It is testimonial video, in which customer gives its impression about the product – main advantage of this format is authenticity, so beneficial in marketing campaigns. 


Focused on enhancing knowledge and skills, this format can be onboarding, periodical or one-time training video. It develops culture of learning and constant development.


With this video format, essence is to share your personal success story: what do you do, how your day looks like, what moves you forward. By sharing your short personal story, you can inspire people on their path to success. Length of success story video should be up to 2 minutes.    


Recruitment video is made by a company who wants to find good appropriate candidate for position in the company. Purpose is to make potential candidates interested in job vacancy, and to inform about conditions and requirements necessary to fit in the role. This format is usually 1-2 minutes long, and it also serves for promotion of working atmosphere and values of company that want to attract new employee. 

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