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Frequently Asked Questions About Castvio

Castvio is a co-production subscription-based framework. That means that we will turn an office of your choice into a studio, and set up the equipment, so that anyone from your company can film as much as they like. You pay for the fixed monthly subscription fee, regardless of the time you spent recording.
Absolutely no. Our equipment is set up in a way that doesn’t require anyone from the crew to be present.
The green screen will be covering the whole wall of your media room so that we can add any background of your choice and always impress the person on the other end.
It’s a 10 step process.
1. Brainstorm about the project
2. Develop an idea and communication goals
3. Create the strategy of the project
4. Create the script
5. Create the storyboard to visualize the video
6. Identify the speakers/ characters in the video
7. Practice an online performance as a test
8. Shooting
9. Video editing
10. Distribution
You don’t. You just click record, and once you are satisfied with the recording, you upload it and we do the rest.
Our team members have spent 10+ years on TV, 10 years on the radio, and 10 years in digital. Besides that, we are working with the most successful companies in the world ( Microsoft, Visa, Huawei, DBS Bank, and many others).
The best thing is that we offer Castvio for the price of one traditionally filmed TV commercial per month.
We know that digital transformation is here to cut costs.

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