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Type of arrangement: Full-Time

Location: Singapore

Start date: As soon as possible

Castvio Client Relationship & Inside Sales Manager Job Description in Evans Media Group:

Overall explanation of the role:

Client Relationship & Inside Sales Managers are generally customer – oriented persons responsible for building, maintaining and strengthening a company’s relationship with a client. They are often first point of contact from the company’s side and their primary goal is to meet client’s needs. They are often described as an excellent communicators and negotiators who can easily determine needs of clients and developing plans to meet them. While maintaining successful relationship with the current clients, they should be able to identify new sales opportunities as well. They are in charge of achieving ambitious customer acquisition and revenue growth objectives.

They report to Head of Sales(HoS).

Expected qualifications: 

– Bachelor Degree in Marketing, Business Management, Sales or similar related field. Master is a plus.

– Fluent in English is must. Additional language is a plus.

-Preferably Singaporean nationality but not manadatory.

Desirable experience: 

At least 5 years of experience in this field.

Candidates with experience in the following areas are best-suited to this role:
  • Client Relationship Officer
  • Customer Manager
  • Customer Success Manager
  •  Sales Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Retail Sales Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Inside Sales representative
  • Client coordinator
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Brand Manager
  • Sales Executive
Desirable skills:
  • Organizational and coordinating skills

Client Relationship & Inside Sales Managers should be able to work across many different dashboards, boards and platforms in that way handling multiple tasks simultaneously. They should keep all the invoices, contracts or other relevant documentations in well – organized system.

  • Communication skills

The ability to communicate confidently, both through speaking and writing, with colleagues and clients from all levels of an organization. They should have friendly and charismatic approach to the client and actively listen trying to identify the need and main goal of the client. Also they should know to communicate clearly while being polite in challenging situations such as reminding clients for the payments or responding to the negative feedback.

  • Social skills

Being empathetic and intuitive to recognize the needs of the client and successfully navigating tricky social situations.

  • Budgeting skills

CRM usually need experience to be able to identify and estimate project costs and what changes they need to make to control the costs. They should track costs and make them transparent across different platforms (Monday.com)

  • Presentation skills

Interacting with the client and presenting them a company or a final delivery video with confidence and positive attitude. Internally, CRM with good presentation skills is able to communicate the brief to the project team (Project Manager and the production team).

  • Strong negotiating and influencing skills

Being persuasive and strategic thinker who can analyze what a good compromise is. Skilled negotiators can change their communication styles to meet the listener’s needs.

  • Analyzing sales data

Conducting detailed research of the market and customers to identify sales strategies and goals. They need to be able to analyze and review sales data as well as being successful in pipeline management.

Job Description
  • Research consumer needs and identify how our solutions meet them
  • Represent our company, with a comprehensive understanding of our offerings
  • Build and nurture relationships with current clients – through written conversation and while being in the studio ( on the set)
  • Managing organizational sales by developing business plans, meeting planned goals, and coordinating with marketing department on lead generation
  • Setting, tracking sales goals and reporting results
  • Handle new inquiries
  • Advise clients for determining right combination of their needs, ideas and possibilities according to their budget – what kind of subscription may work best for them etc.
  • Prepare customer contracts
  • Receive, understand and prepare detailed brief for the project and tasks
  • New client support to sales
  • Initial introduction through presentations and product descriptions
  • Transfer information to the Project Manager
  • Set the project budget with Project Manager
  • Act as point of contact for complaints or any kind of feedback
  • Follow up on payments with customers
  • Billing/invoicing – keeping all approvals, cost estimations, invoices and other relevant documentation in Monday.com platform
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Up sell through collaboration and relationships
  • Identifying and approaching potential new companies or individuals to engage as clients as well as suggesting colleagues from the Sales department about new opportunities

If you are interested, please send us your CV by mail to jobs@castvio.com