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Type of arrangement: Full-Time

Location: Remote

Start date: As soon as possible

Head of Sales Job Description in Evans Media Group:

Overall explanation of the role:

The Head of Sales/Sales Director, articulates and implements the organization’s strategy for selling our media products or services. He develops forecasts and strategies to achieve sales at price levels to ensure profitability.

He/She should be kept abreast of industry trends, market and competitors’ activities. Head of Sales actively seeks out major customers and forms good relationships with key influencers and potential buyers. He/She leads presentations for business development and is involved in sales and development meetings with management team of the Company. He/She is a team leader that is able to motivate and ensure a highly effective team of sales managers/CRM’s.

Reports to CEO.

Expected education:
  • Bachelor Degree in Economics, Business Administration, Marketing or similar. Master is highly preferable.
  • Fluent in English is must. Additional language is a plus
Desirable experience:

At least 5 years in this field.

Candidates with experience in the following areas are best suited for this role:
  • Sales Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Sales consultant
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Regional Marketing Manager
Desirable Skills:
  • Result oriented skills: Identifies and meets with appropriate parties to develop an understanding of the project goals and desired outcomes.
  • Consumer-oriented and Client Relationship skills : Analyzing the situation, listening effectively and communicating clearly
  • Sales planning and business development skills
  • Advanced Computer skills
  • Leadership skills: the ability of an individual to motivate and direct their staff and teams to complete job responsibilities efficiently.
  • Organization skills
Job Description:
  • Developing a comprehensive sales forecast and strategic plan to maximise sales opportunities and expand our customer base.
  • Developing system which will identify core market targets, new prospects and leads.
  • Identifying most important sales KPI’s.
  • Establishing a customer relationship management (CRM) systems and guidelines to manage customer relationships.
  • Acting as a partner with customers in order to understand their needs and objectives.
  • Building and maintaining a strong, long-lasting customer relationships.
  • Setting up a sales budget.
  • Developing and promoting weekly, monthly and quarterly sales objectives.
  • Drafting detailed and accurate sales reports and setting up regular reporting sessions with Board members.
  • Identifying and reporting on business opportunities in target markets.
  • Driving the entire sales process including: meetings, proposals, closing, and advising to the clients and CRM’s.
  • Constant monitoring of changes in the industry and leverage them for business opportunities.
  • Overseeing a sales subordinated team. Anticipate their needs and provide support. Tracking, monitoring and motivation of Sales team activities.
  • Directing the Sales team in generating proposals that define a clear path to client satisfaction and revenue growth.
  • Reviewing sales performance by analyzing performance report and constantly investigating factors impacting sales performance and efficiency.
  • Establishing a sales training program to train new employees.
  • Working collaboratively with all levels of staff within the Company > Media/Production, Marketing, Content, Finance, IT…
  • Representing the business at conferences, trade fairs and networking events.

If you are interested, please send us your CV by mail to jobs@castvio.com