From an idea to distribution – our process in a nutshell

Behind every successfull project, there is well-thought and precise idea. Outcome of every product depends on how much effort and time we put in creating an idea and how people included in project follow it. So, if you want to make an idea into a story-driven video, in short time and with minimum effort, follow this map, step by step.

  • Once you decide to start a new video project, contact the CRM and schedule a meeting. During a short meeting, explain your idea, ask all the question that comes upon your mind, and collect the necessary information for project approval.
  • Proceed to Castvio Software and add the requested information. Wait until The Castvio team reviews your project and lets you know that it’s officially approved.
  • Upon approval by Castvio, work force is on the side of their creative team. They will create the concept and the narrative of your video, so your idea can turn into powerful storytelling. 
  • Once you get proposition of the concept and the narrative for your video, review it, communicate if you want some changes and, when you are sure that the concept suits your idea, approve it.
  • Schedule a shooting with the rest of the team and choose a shooting date. People in charge for the Castvio studio will prepare everything for the shooting.
  • Before the shooting day, find some time to go through concept, read it thouroughly and practice the text. Better you prepare, better the video will be.
  • Come to the Castvio room on the chosen date.
  • During the shooting set, your CRM and a line producer will help you and together, you will record best possible video. Be precise and focused, but also relaxed and do not afraid to make mistakes. Our team will assist and make corrections, if necessary. And remember to have fun, positive energy and fun are parts of every creative process!
  • When you finish recording, review it and make sure you followed the concept. One you are satisfied by the recording, give it over to Castvio team, who will do the editing and add animation, brolls, and make the video as engaging as possible, following the approved concept.
  • After you get final storytelling video, show it to the world! Enjoy in seeing reaction.